About - Salty's Own Nautical Leashes

Beautiful and Tough! Coast Guard inspired nautical leashes.

Long ago, my great uncle made knot leashes while serving in the US Coast Guard. As a young girl, I found these both beautiful and fascinating. How could such lovely patterns be created out of rope? Now years later, my own daughter has become interested in nautical knots and animals, so we decided to revive this craft in our family. I hope you and your animals enjoy these leashes!
Our leashes and collars are:
*100% USA made paracord. Each strand is strength tested to 550lbs. (that's what the 550 means)
*the leash hardware is solid brass marine grade corrosion resistant solid brass (Steel snap clips are available on request as a few are shown)
*solid brass hardware on the collars.
We endeavor to make the strongest, most durable and best looking leashes and collars out there. The very best materials are used.

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