Gallery - Salty's Own Nautical Leashes


Salty's Friends

My first dog friend, "Charlie" my grandmother's Airedale. What a character he was!

Nothing can look as guilty as a lab...

Rex! In his Vanilla Mocha Double braid

Ready? What a stupid question.

Rauri in the snows of Virginia

Quimby. A fabulous bird dog. Showing the hunting line.

A beautiful shot of a beautiful dog. Piper modeling the North Country.

Good ol' Farley!

One of our ads featuring Farley. A real gent to introduce the Old School line.

Maggie hunting crayfish!

Maggie's one of our best models- We had to name a leash for her! The Maggie!

Maggie's on the job!

Shore patrol!

See how our leash floats? The geese are impressed...

We'll swim all day!

Farley's Such a good boy! He likes his shorter (4') float leash

You have have a black dog model the "Martha's Vineyard"!! Thanks, Ella!

Callie from Maine with her "Maine Coast" (Where she sails!) from the Destination collection

Blossom with her "Plum Island" from the Destination collection

Ella testing the Traffic Loop

Our Vineyard friend Ella, with her "Strawberry Ice Cream"

The Shenandoah's Ship's Dog, Charlie with his "Nantucket"

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